Critical Alerts on iOS: All Quiet's New Integration

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Published: Wednesday, 20 September 2023

All Quiet's latest update integrates iOS's Critical Alerts, ensuring essential notifications reach users even when their iPhones are muted or in 'Do Not Disturb' mode. Discover how this integration enhances incident management and offers peace of mind.

Apple continuously seeks ways to enhance user experience on iOS. One such addition is the "Critical Alerts" feature. This unique permission, reserved for apps that meet specific criteria set by Apple, ensures that essential notifications reach users, even when the device is on mute or in "Do Not Disturb" mode. All Quiet has integrated this feature to better serve its users.

Understanding Critical Alerts

iOS offers a myriad of notification settings, allowing users to customize their app interactions. Critical Alerts, however, stand apart. They are designed to reach users regardless of other active settings, signaling the utmost importance.

The Importance of All Quiet's Integration

  1. Timely Notifications: In incident management, timely notifications can be crucial. With Critical Alerts, All Quiet aims to inform users promptly, irrespective of their device settings.
  2. Peace of Mind for Users: With this integration, users can have the assurance that only the most critical of alerts will reach them during silent moments.
  3. Balanced Engagement: All Quiet’s use of Critical Alerts ensures that when a notification breaks the silence, it's because of a significant reason.

How to Set Up Critical Alerts with All Quiet

Upon updating All Quiet on your iPhone, the app will guide you to enable Critical Alerts. This step ensures timely reception of high-priority incidents.

iOS's User-Centric Approach

Apple's inclusion of Critical Alerts emphasizes the platform's focus on balancing user engagement and convenience. Coupled with All Quiet’s incident management capabilities, iOS users have an additional tool to stay informed of critical events without unnecessary interruptions.


All Quiet’s integration of iOS’s Critical Alerts highlights its ongoing effort to provide timely and essential notifications. For iPhone users, this means an added layer of assurance, ensuring that important alerts are received even during quiet moments.

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