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Intuitive, modern
on-call and alerting

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Dev-first, lightweight setup and modern UX.
All Quiet enables growing tech teams to set up their on-call rotation and alert the right people at the right time.

Lightspeed setup

Set up your on-call rotation and all integrations within 15 minutes.

Rock-solid availability

Built for reliability, without the overkill.

Designed for modern software teams

Integrates with the modern observability tech stack.



From simple schedules to follow-the-sun rotations, All Quiet adapts to your team's needs.

Alerting done right

Your team will never miss an incident again. Notify the right people at the right team with the right channels.



Life happens, All Quiet adapts. Have your on-call shifts be covered by colleagues when you need.



Miss nothing. Set timers on alerts to escalate them automatically, keeping response times sharp and every issue in check.



Configure rules based on multiple conditions such as severity, time, or source, ensuring each alert is sent to the most equipped team or individual.


Integrate the tools
you already use


Connect in less than 5 minutes with our pre-built integrations.

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Observability platforms.

Hook up to tools like DataDog and Prometheus.

Outbound integrations.

Create issues and set up alerts with Slack and Discord.

Generic tools.

The usual: Connect webhooks and emails.

Cloud observability.

Keep your cloud in check with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

You'll like All Quiet if ...

You cherish value-for-money products

Our plans prioritize value, focusing solely on the essential features of incident management for developers, ensuring streamlined efficiency without the bloat.

You want to maximize your team's productivity

All Quiet's intuitive and lean approach guarantees a quick setup and easy usability, saving time and money.

You love your customers

We help to minimise your system's downtime, keeping your users happy.

You hate spending time on sales calls and promotional pitches

All Quiet’s direct, no-sales-call-required setup ensures we have more time to support your needs. Make sure to add your team's wishes to our roadmap.

Simple and transparent pricing plans

We want to offer maximum value-for-money to customers. That's why our pricing plans don't include any artificial barriers like user limits. Instead, Pro and Enterprise plans rather include more complex and customized solutions.

Pick your plan, starting from $ 4.99 per user / month.

All plans include

  • Recycling IconUnlimited Escalation Policies
  • Mail Warning IconUnlimited Notification Policies
  • Inspect IconUnlimited Routing Rules
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