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Setup your team and triggers within minutes.

Calm teams are productive teams 😌

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    Use the tools you know and love. Connect in less than 5 min with our pre-built integrations:
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    Don't lose alerts. We believe that crucial incidents need to have a dedicated context. Receive alerts through:
    • Push Notifications for iOS and Android
    • Override Do not Disturb on iOS and Android
    • SMS
    • Voice Calls
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    Let your team enjoy the weekends:
    • Auto Escalation
    • Team Schedules
    • Rotations
    • Vacations and Personal Overrides
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    99.99% SLA. All Quiet keeps you informed with Rock-solid availability. Our app is always on, so you can be too!
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    No risk! You can cancel or change your subscription daily. Our pricing model is transparent and simple: $ 4.99 per team member per month.

Set up your team and integrations in minutes.

Setup your team within minutes

Escalations, Schedules & Rotations

Weekly rotating weekend on-call schedules

Set up weekly rotating weekend on-call schedules with ease.

Monday to Friday

Create a schedule that covers on-call duties from Monday to Friday and include all the members of your team.

Weekends with rotation

Next, create a second schedule specifically for weekends, ensuring that you create multiple rotation groups. In this example, we added one rotation group per team member, thus establishing a weekly rotation system.

See instantly who's on-call

Manage vacations, fill-ins, and team schedules effortlessly

Managing Vacations & Fill-Ins: Take Control of Your Time

Easily manage your vacations and fill-ins using our intuitive calendar feature. Simply add a new schedule to the calendar, specifying the start and end dates of your time off, along with the type (online or offline). This allows you to plan your vacations in advance and ensure smooth coverage by scheduling fill-ins during your absence.

Visualize Your On-Call Schedule

Within the same calendar, you have the ability to view all your scheduled on-call shifts, conveniently grouped by team and tier. This allows you to quickly identify your upcoming shifts, ensuring you're well-prepared and aware of your responsibilities striking a healthy work-life balance.

Team Visibility: Collaboration Made Easy

You can access all the schedules for a specific team, enabling you to see the availability of all team members in one centralized calendar. This promotes transparency and facilitates collaboration by providing a clear view of everyone's schedules.

Integrate your tools in minutes

Learn more on how to integrate your observability stack with All Quiet in our Docs.

Choose between our pre-built integrations or setup your integration with our dynamic mapping engine in minutes.

Set up your team and integrations in minutes.